Enable Advisory and
Consulting Services

Our high-performing Management Consulting team can be leveraged for their deep expertise in governance and risk, technology enablement, and business transformation initiatives.

Service Offerings

Data Science as
a Service

Axiom Path works with clients on their Data Science journey and provides the guidance and thought leadership on how to best identify use cases and low hanging fruits, leverage appropriate DSC platforms, and enable Advanced Analytics and AI within the organization. You can also utilize our in-house data scientists to improve and scale in-house capabilities and roll out data science models at an affordable cost.


The Digital Transformation umbrella has many accelerators that drive innovation and the initiatives can drive significant growth and ability to compete if done right. The Axiom Path consulting team can work with clients on their Cloud journey, mobile transformation, as well as building and enabling the right software.


Axiom Path team has deep expertise in a multitude of ERP and CRM platforms including business processes for Financials, Manufacturing, Supply Chain, and Customer 360. Leverage our team for Software Selection, Implementation, and to provide Managed Services.

Leverage Expertise of Scale

Our Advisory and Consulting team has significant large consulting organization
experience including Deloitte, Anderson, McKinsey, Oracle, Hitachi. Leverage the team
at a fractional of the cost
Case Studies
Case Studies
Global ERP Rollout

Client wanted to rollout a global ERP implementation. Axiom Path worked with the client on a Systems Integration Selection and then enabled key Client resources across the globe in North America, Europe, and Asia.

Analytics and AI Success

Box below with details: “Provided Retail client a services and product solution which enabled key insights using powerful story based visualizations. Also, worked with client on defining and enabling data science use cases based on organization priorities for sales and operational efficiencies.


Worked with a client going through a merger to architect their CRM Integration Strategy. Once the road map was outlined, Axiom Path team helped client build business processes based on best practices from both entities. These business processes were then enabled with the SalesForce CRM which enabled the organization to deliver a unified view of the two organizations to their Sales and Sales Ops Teams.