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Our high-performing Management Consulting team can be leveraged for their deep expertise in governance and risk, technology enablement, and business transformation initiatives.

Advisory Services

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Service Offerings

Program Management

We help clients successfully manage critical business programs / projects by deploying skilled, experienced professionals. Our resources have the ability to lead industry specific projects, business and technology solutions enablement, as well as large scale global engagements as certified project managers.


Axiom Path will assist customers in managing and mitigating risk associated with changes to their business environment brought on by significant business initiatives. Our OCM services support: SaaS Implementations, Enterprise ERP Technology Implementation, Business Process Outsourcing, and M&A Activities.

Program Risk

Axiom Path helps clients manage operational risk related to technology enablement (SaaS and Enterprise ERP). Areas of focus for our services include: Pre-project Considerations, In-flight Assessment, Mitigation and Postmortem Assessment.

M&A Integration

We have the experience to support you through each stage of the merger and acquisition process. Focus areas include: Process, Organizational and Technology Synergy Analysis, Process Integration/Separation Planning and Support, Business Process Transformation, Technology Integration/Separation Planning and Support, Day One Readiness Support

Business Process

Axiom Path helps clients achieve process optimization to deliver measurable value to the organization and customers. Areas of focus include: Process Mapping, Control Evaluation and Gap Identification, Efficiency Evaluation, Metrics Definition / Tracking, Training and Process Adoption.

Software and Vendor

As a vendor agnostic software selection facilitator, Axiom Path’s success is measured by our client’s long-term satisfaction and productivity-capability with the selected solution. We provide process facilitation, solution awareness, and evaluation methodology to empower our clients to make the best decisions for their organization. Our collaborative methodology is specifically designed to ensure that selection results are completely client partner driven, facilitated by Axiom Path

Client Value Add

Program Management Office establishment and execution
Organizational Change Management program establishment and execution
Technology enablement program risk assessment
M&A Technology Integration
Business Process transformation
Resource augmentation
Vendor Selection Support
Software Selection Support

Leverage Expertise of Scale

Our Advisory and Consulting team has significant large consulting organization experience including Deloitte, Anderson, McKinsey, Oracle, Hitachi. Leverage the team at a fractional of the cost

Case Studies
Case Studies
Mergers & Acquisitions Integration Support

We supported our client through each stage of the merger and acquisition process. Axiom Path led our client through a Process, Organizational and Technology Synergy Analysis leading to identification of critical risk areas related to the merger of two multi-billion-dollar, international companies running on two different ERP systems. Axiom Path supported the client through the risk mitigation process with Program Management, Process Transformation and Technology Enablement resources.

Program Management Office Services

We supported our client for the delivery of a global ERP (Financials, Supply Chain) implementation. Axiom Path provided program and project level management resources for a rollout supporting North America, Europe and Asia. Axiom Path managed efforts related to technology integration, process transformation, solution migration, steady state support and Organizational Change Management

Program Risk Advisory

We performed a Program Risk Review of a global ERP implementation for our client. The purpose was to identify challenges related to the program and to offer effective and actionable risk-mitigation recommendations. Areas of scope/focus included: Governance, Software Development Approach and Execution, Organizational Change Management, Testing/Quality Assurance, Information Architecture/Reporting, Technical Execution and Rollout. Action plans were developed for each critical risk area.